Video: Shiny Shiny meet Sugru goo inventor

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Blu-tac, you’ve had your day. There’s a new sticky putty in town, and it goes by the name Sugru.

As the Sugru team put it: “We’re just a tiny start-up in the East End of London, but we’ve been working on this goo for six years […] Sugru is a mouldable silicone putty that sticks to things so you can make really easy repairs or adaptations. It cures overnight to a rubbery finish that stays soft to the touch, but is super tough.”

Sugru have already sold out of their first batch of 1,000 packets, and have already taken 2,000 pre-orders for the next lot.

Shiny Shiny’s Anna met Sugru’s Jane for a quick chat in the video above.

Check out Shiny Shiny’s round-up of what Sugru is capable of.

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