Grandparents want laptops, iPods and other gadgets for Christmas

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New research conducted by Logitech shows that the next-gen Nan is fed up of receiving boiled sweets and a Paul O’ Grady autobiography for Christmas. Gadgets are in this season for geriatrics it seems.

OK, the survey was for over 50’s, which isn’t actually that old at all, but the reserach does stretch right up into the older age groups. Of the 1,500 questioned, 58% would prefer to receive Macbooks, iPods and laptops this Christmas.

Logitech’s regional director for the UK and Ireland Yehia Oweiss said: “Our research shows a growing demand for gadgets from the over 50’s age group. With Christmas just around the corner, we’re conscious that grandparents across the UK will be looking for expert help when it comes to getting all their new gadgets up and running and have made sure our support teams are on standby for a busy season.”

So then, be prepared to explain the wonders of the web all over again this Christmas season.

Gerald Lynch
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