Unlaunched Apple tablet unearthed

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PenMac.jpgWhile all eyes are on the release of Apple’s Tablet, Tech Crunch has uncovered details of a previously planned Apple touchscreen tablet, codenamed the Pen Mac. Though the device never launched, with very few notes on the project in existence, Tech Crunch have unearthed some rather interesting details.

The Pen Mac was set to be a fully functional Mac with room for keyboard and mouse input, and would have been no more than an inch thick. It was also set to feature a pen-based touchscreen, which would have been incredibly ahead of its time keeping in mind the device was being developed around the late 1980s and early 90s.

It seems then that Apple have had plenty of practice when they finally get around to launching the Apple Tablet. Check out our thoughts on the “iTablet” here.

Gerald Lynch
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