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spotifylogo.jpgMusic lovers that already subscribe to Spotify’s premium music streaming service are in for a treat today. Thanks to a new sponsorship deal with car insurance company Swiftcover, subscribers can pick up 6 months of Spotify’s premium tier service for just £6.49 a month.

Subscribers must take up the offer before it expires on November 2nd.

While some would see this move as a defensive measure to meet last week’s launch of rival Sky Songs, Spotify insist otherwise. The price drop is “an advertiser promotion, pure and simple – there are no dots to connect” claim the Stockholm based company.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Dunno how but I got offered £4.99 for six months so I decided to have a punt and signed up. I remembered having a conversation with someone in the office about it just a few weeks before saying that £10 was too much but I would consider it if the price was £5. Spooky!

  • Could someone please post the link to this promotion in the email from Spotify? I chose not to get promotional messages from them when I joined, so I didn’t get it! So dumb, I actually want to give them the 6.99 and can’t!

  • Garve: you missed the existing subscribers bit at the top – get your tenner out haha

  • Received an email about this from them – interestingly the Alt tag of one of the images says “Get Spotify Premium for only 4.99” – a last minute rethink.

    Personally I haven’t paid the £10, I will now pay the £6.49 to try the Premium service out (mainly so I can use it on my iPod Touch) but I actually think the £4.99 is the correct price point for me.

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