Go "Tank Paintballing" for under £100 thanks to IWOOT

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tank.gifIwantoneofthose.com is always a great place to pick up a last minute gadget gift for a loved one. But what do you get the person who has everything? How about a paintball battle in a WWII tank? It’s just one of the ludicrously fun sounding days out now available from www.iwantoneofthoseexperiences.com.

Here are the top five experience days heading our Christmas lists:

Tank Paintballing – £94

Regular paintballing is all well and good, but you look like a bit of an idiot running around some cold wet forest off the M1 with what amounts to an over-powered spud gun in your holster. Enter “Tank Paintball”, where you and two mates take control of a hulking 17 tonne FV432 armoured personal carrier capable of firing 40mm paint rounds. Imagine the bruises in the morning…

Jousting – £199

Is there a fair-maiden whose looks warm thy loins? Well then, young squire, why not win her hand by competing for her affections at a day of jousting? Participants of all riding abilities are welcome, and we’ve been assured that the losing knight will not be beheaded.

Spy Games – £219

You may have the missile-launching car, the jetpack and the laser-wristwatch. But do you have the skills to go with all those spy gadgets? A day at spy school will teach you all you need to know to carry out covert-ops deep in enemy territory.

Ghost Hunting Break – £199

Fearless adventurer? Why not pop Ray Parker Jr. on your iPod and head out on a spooky paranormal investigation in a haunted house? Derek Acorah, eat your heart out (and then come back and haunt me to prove you weren’t making it all up).

Ice Climbing – £59

Remember February’s ridiculous snowfall? Get prepared this year by taking part in a day of ice-climbing that would make Bear Grylls shiver.

Gerald Lynch
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