INQ Mini 3G Twitter phone goes on sale today via 3

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inq mini.jpgWe’ve already written about one INQ phone today, but this one is a lot more real. Fo today’s the day the INQ Mini 3G goes on sale via the 3 network.

In case you missed its unveiling a while back the handset is a revamp of the original INQ1 phone though it is a touch more stylish than its predecessor.

Its headline feature is Twitter as the handset boasts an app that stays on in the background and lets customers send ‘tweets’ and ‘retweet’ existing tweets. It has 3’s free Skype-to-Skype calls and Windows Live Messenger in the UK as well as Facebook access.

The handset is available free on 3’s £15 Internet Texter plan and on one of the network’s Mix & Match tariffs. It will also be available to Pay As You Go users for £59.99.
The Internet Texter plan tariff, which was created for the launch of the INQ1, offers free internet, free 3-to-3 calls, free voicemail and 75 minutes for £15 a month.

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