LG's pocket sized LED projector, the HS200


LG HS200_6.pngMostly it was new monitors like the W86 at LG’s press event yesterday, but one gadget that did distract me from all the flat screens was this cute looking pocket-sized LED projector. Dubbed the HS200, it’s an 800 x 600 pixel resolution DLP projector that can project an image up to 120inches across. It weighs just 800g and is expected to retail for £499 when it goes on sale later this month.

LG claims the LED bulb is more environmentally friendly than a projector with a CCFL bulb, as it doesn’t contain mercury and also has a lower power consumption compared to a standard projector making it more cost effective. It is also designed to last the lifetime of the projector, eliminating the need to buy expensive replacements. LG HS200_3.png

Key specifications of the HS200:
• Screen size: up to 120″
• Digital fine contrast ratio: 2,000:1
• Aspect ratio (native): 4:3
• Resolution (native): 800 x 600
• Brightness: 200 nits
• Input(s): USB, Audio in/out, Video in, RGB, HDMI
• Projection lens: manual focus, fixed zoom
• Additional features: Digital light processing technology, Internal advanced colour engine & HS200G version available with a carry case

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