Is this the ereader that takes electronic books mainstream? ASUS to debut feature-packed, yet budget model


asus ebook.jpgWe have written a lot recently about how next year could well be the year in which ereaders go mainstream. And if they do start hitting the high street in big numbers you can bet that one of the devices leading the charge will be this Eee-book reader from ASUS.

The company which turned the notebook on its head now has plans to do the same for ereaders with a model that has dual screens. The idea being that you can read an ereader as you could a normal book and turn pages, or even better, use the second screen for web surfing or whatever else ASUS comes up with.

Other features include colour screens, not the usual monochrome, integrated 3G and Wi-Fi, expandable storage, speakers, a webcam and a mic for Skype, The model should go on sale for around £100. Sounds promising.

Apparently fewer than 80,000 ereader devices have been sold in the UK.

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