Ereaders go mainstream – the COOL-ER now on sale in Argos


cooler-large-fan.jpgSo ereaders area a niche product that only appeal to serious techies and Amazon obessives right? Well given today’s news that just might not be the case any more, for Interead today announced that its ereader the COOL-ER is going to be sold, via, wait for it, Argos. Yep, the big High Street chain is selling the model now with a retail price of £189.

In case you missed its May launch the COOL-ER is apparently one of the smallest and lightest ereaders available. According to the maker it supports all major e-book formats, has a six inch screen and boasts 8,000 page turns on one battery charge. There are also more than 750,000 titles for download.

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