Twitter's new rival Woofer might be a joke, but it may have a use or two

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woofer-thumb-240x235-92509.jpgOne of the reasons why I love Posterous so much is that I find it hard to say anything of any merit in 140 charactars on Twitter. Posterous enables me and others, to at least add a few words of our own to a link or a story which it then publishes on Twitter and Facebook for us.

So in theory I should be very excited about a new site that launched this week called Woofer. Woofer, however, is really just a practical joke albeit a rather good one. Instead of the 140 charactars that Twitter offers with Woofer you get 1400 charactars. However the fun bit is that if you don’t reach 1400 charactars it won’t let you post.

And while it may be a bit of an online gag at the moment, maybe it does have a use or two. The most popular post on there at the moment is called ‘Four score and seven years’ and is an inspiring segment of a speech from US President Abraham Lincoln. Some smart people have also nicked bits from speeches from the likes of Martin Luther King and Thomas Jefferson and even a para or two from novels by the likes of Charles Dickens. There are albums reviews and the odd rehashed blog post too. Of course a lot of what has been posted on Woofer is completely unreadable, but in some ways that’s half the fun.

Just maybe the Woofer crew are on to something here. Maybe there is space for a Twitter type site where people add slightly longer posts. How about come classic bits of comedy? Some cool song lyrics? Anyone got any other cool ideas.

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