Electrolux and the Teleport Fridge – no really

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We have all seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and how Mike Tevee gets teleported from one screen to another. Then of course our mates on the Enterprise, they knew a thing or two about teleporting.

So far though teleporting hasn’t been a central plank of any consumer electronics company’s visions – well not until know. Over at the Electrolux site you’ll find details of the world’s first teleport fridge.

Ok, so it is an entry in a competition, but Electrolux is certainly taking it seriously-ish. Ok so the advantages are pretty obvious. You don’t have to waste hours in the supermarket/or online buying your food. And if you run out of milk you just press a couple of buttons and voila there is your semi-skimmed.

But teleporting? Well the fridge’s designer, a Thai student called Dulyawat Wongnawa reckons ‘In the next 90 years, we will see a lot of technologies that today we think are completely impossible. Even though my teleportation concept might sound far-fetched, scientists have already succeeded in teleporting small particles such as photons. So over the next 90 years, this technology will have time to develop and become part of our everyday lives.’

Hmm. Still it is well worth watching the video as Henrik Otto, senior VP of Global design at Electrolux, just about manages to explain the concept without cracking up. I bet it took a few takes.

Anyhow click on the Teleport Fridge below to see a range of other Electrolux innovations including the very sensible wall mounted dishwasher and the slightly more ambitious waterless washing machine.

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