Electrolux and the Teleport Fridge – no really

But teleporting? Well the fridge's designer, a Thai student called Dulyawat Wongnawa reckons 'In the next 90 years, we will see a lot of technologies that today we think are completely impossible. Even though my teleportation concept might sound far-fetched, scientists have already succeeded in teleporting small particles such as photons. So over the next 90 years, this technology will have time to develop and become part of our everyday lives.'

Cook at the table with the Electrolux adaptable cooking grill


If there’s one thing I like when entertaining at home, it’s getting guests to do as much of the work as possible. That’s why this adaptable cooking grill from Electrolux is so great.

It features a variety of ceramic hot plates which food can be fried on directly, or pots placed on for boiling. That way your dinner guests can cook things the way they like and only have themselves to blame if it’s under or overcooked…

Take your pick from the Electrolux ZSH730, ZSH720 or ZSH710 vacuum cleaners


It’s a vacuum cleaner, granted, but doesn’t everyone need one? Particularly a bright orange model like the ZSH730, from Electrolux.

With a 2000W motor, hard floor nozzle and 1.7L capacity dust container, you shouldn’t have any problems concerning performance here. That particular model is £79.99, but if you’re looking for something slightly cheaper (and blue), the ZSH720 is only £69.99 and has a slightly lower 1900W motor. Both this…