Samsung NX hybrid camera unveiled at PMA 2009


Samsung-NX.jpgSamsung is on full camera takeover for 2009 as they come in with yet another wave of digital snappers in the shape of the NX hybrid series.

This latest concept range appears to be the tech leviathan’s take on the micro-four-thirds system and is designed to bring compact size to DSLRs, or DSLR usability to compacts, however you wish to look at it.

The NX will come with the same kind of APS-C image sensor that you’d expect to see in a proper DSLR but, sadly, uses an electronic viewfinder instead of a mirror box which is the only reason they can make the thing small. With an EVF you can apparently get the sensor 60% closer to the lens, so there you go; trade-off city.

Naturally, you can use the live view mode if you’d rather not have to get used the weird images from an EVF. Sadly, that’s all the info there is on the NX for now, other than we can expect to see it on the shelf in the second half of this year and to hear more about it in the coming months.


Daniel Sung
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