RUMOUR: iPhone 3.0 to launch with 3.0 OS on 12/6/09

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iphone-3.0.jpgWord round the infoblob has it that the iPhone 3.0 OS will be out on the 12th June after an employee at AT&T leaked the information. Now, it doesn’t take putting a lot of 2s together to work out that there’s a very good chance that a third generation of the iPhone itself will come out with it.

Reasons why:

1) The last two years have seen iPhone’s launched in June/July
2) Everyone has depleted their stocks of iPhone 3Gs without replacing them
3) If you’re launching a new OS, you might as well launch a new handset to show it off.

Reasons why not:

1) It’s all a bit obvious

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I am one of the original AppStore devs, and as such have 3.0 on my G1 iPhone. I’ve been holding off getting the 3g because I just KNEW apple would release a new one.

Apples annual update and new product cycle, along with the rapid turnaround on the mobile phone industry does not fit the 18month or 2 year contract system they are forcing users into.

Of course Ill get the new iPhone, I love 3.0 so much but I do admit its overpriced. When the iPhone didn’t launch in the UK I got a iPod Touch instead, then when the iPhone came out I had to get one, wasting my initial £270 spent on a touch. The touch got discarded and nobody would buy it because they all wanted the iPhone. Thanks apple, but I wont get caught out again.

The very thing that makes you want the cool apple hardware is the thing that makes you feel so bad as soon as they update it, its not cool anymore. Nobody cares about a G1 iPhone, and they laugh at your iPod mini.

I’m beginning to dislike Apple more than I dislike Microsoft. At least my iPhone works though.
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