iPhone 3.0 software goes live in UK – GO!


Yes, cut and paste on the iPhone is finally here, along with all the other things that Apple handset users should have been able to do for a long time now.

So, for those who haven’t already downloaded the torrent and jailbroken its bottom off, I suggest you get your iTunes software into operation, plug your little darling in and pull those files from the internet heavens into your aching hardware.

For more on what iPhone 3.0 is all about head over here.


Apple WWDC 2009 – the keynote as it happens


I’m not in San Francisco, I’m not going to lie to you, but I’ve got my finger on as many internet pulses as I have fingers and if you keep refreshing this page, I promise you’ll have the word from their mouths before Phil Schiller (and Steve Jobs?) have even spoken them. All the important news and none of the ambience right here.

RUMOUR: iPhone 3.0 to launch with 3.0 OS on 12/6/09


Word round the infoblob has it that the iPhone 3.0 OS will be out on the 12th June after an employee at AT&T leaked the information. Now, it doesn’t take putting a lot of 2s together to work out that there’s a very good chance that a third generation of the iPhone itself will come out with it.

Reasons why:

1) The last two years have seen iPhone’s launched in June/July
2) Everyone has depleted their stocks of iPhone 3Gs without replacing them
3) If you’re launching a new OS, you might as well launch a new handset to show it off.

Reasons why not:

1) It’s all a bit obvious

My money’s on the new handset too. How about yours? Send me an e-mail or DM us on Techdigest and techdigestnews.

(via PRnews)