iPlayer goes HD while Sky gets 3D

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bbc-hd.jpgSky has confirmed that they will be adding 3D functionality to their + HD satellite receiver boxes and, in slightly better if less solid news, the BBC has dropped an anvil of a hint suggesting that iPlayer will be getting a dedicated HD channel next month.

Sky tested out the service after recording episodes of Gladiators in 3D – oh, if only Jet were still involved – and has now decided that customers could see it in their homes by the end of the year.

The well reported downside is that they expect people to buy and then not lose/sit on polarized glasses. Good luck with that one Rupert.

Fortunately, the BBC has got their act together more quickly with their televisual news and it’s only the ISPs that will be shunting on up into full panic mode as they whip out the calculators and figure just how much extra bandwidth streaming high definition video is going to take.

The HD cat poked its head out of the bag when director of BBC vision, Jana Bennett, was speaking this morning at a panel discussion as spotted by Rich over at CNET.

Daniel Sung
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