Philips GoGear Spark: now with full colour screen, but little else

MP3 players

GoGear-Spark.jpgPhilips has leant its range of budget MP3 players a long overdue refresh. Remember the GoGear? Well, ladles and jellyspoons, I give you – the GoGear Spark!

Yes, that’s right; gather round, gather round. What once was a rather plain Jane super brain of mini OLEDs has become a fully colour 1.46-inch, 128mm x 128mm display. That aside, it’s all pretty similar.

The whole shebang measures 41mm x 41mm x 15mm, connects up by USB and you can drag and drop WMA and MP3 files straight over without any infuriating software trying to take over your PC.

You’ll get an improved 27 hours battery life and it, of course, comes with Philips Full Sound technology which upgrades your tatty old compressed files to make them sound better, or at least different anyway.

The 2GB SA2920 is out in March for £39.99; the SA2925 version has an FM radio and costs a fiver more and there’s a similar relationship between the 4GB SA2940 for £49.99 and the SA2945 for £54.99. Last of all is the 8GB SA2980 for £59.99, but you’ll have to wait until May for that one.

Oh, did I mention you can record your voice on them? No? Oh, well you can but don’t. You’ll look silly.


Daniel Sung
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