The Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360 – a readymade case-modded Xbox 360, pre-installed in a Lian-Li PC box

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xbox-360-premium-lian-li-pc-cooling-case.jpgThe Lian-Li Xbox 360 PC case mods have been around for a while. The idea is you stick your Xbox 360’s internal bits into one, preying you don’t break any of it in the process, then relax – safe in the knowledge that your Xbox 360’s insides have more room to breathe. And are less likely to overheat and break.

If you’re not keen on doing it yourself, perhaps because you don’t own the right kind of screwdriver and can’t even see any damn screws on your Xbox 360 anyway, UK-based supplier will do all the hard work for you.

The Lian-Li case comes with silicone feet, anti-vibration mounts and lumps of acoustic padding to help reduce noise caused by the internal fans and whirring of the DVD drive, making the machine quite a bit quieter in operation as well as cool on the inside.

THE BAD NEWS: An Arcade Xbox 360, pre-fitted into a Lian-Li cooling case, will set you back £350 – quite a bit more than the standard UK Xbox 360 Arcade RRP of £129. Premiums and Elites are also available, although, at £450, we can’t see them shifting too many Elites.

We can’t, to be honest, see them even selling one.

(Via TechRadar)

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