Temperature-sensitive, colour-changing glass tiles

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Who hasn’t dreamt of temperature-sensitive glass brick tiles before? No, nor have I but it doesn’t stop them looking great though.

The best thing about these ones is that you can actually buy them, as in now, here, for $15 a go – a lot less than I thought they’d be. The downside is that I can’t think of many of uses for them, other than the excellent one over the jump…


…that and pressing your warm naked bottom against it.

Oh, I suppose they’d work nicely on a mezzanine floor too. Very nicely, in fact. You think restructuring my flat is going a little far for a video review?

Buy them here (via Book of Joe)

Daniel Sung
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  • I’m a student doing a levels in design and technology and have a coffee table design in mind, with your tiles as ‘coffee mats’ to be integrated into a glass top. I’d appreciate some samples of your work and costs that I can put into my design. I’d be grateful for any assistance here as I’m aiming for ‘A’ grades. My design will also feature re-cycled material.

  • WE have showroom , we sell stone mosaic tiles etc. we are constantly serching new products
    where can we buy these heat sensitive tiles from
    I would appreciate your reply


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