The Samsung B2700 – "for people who wear muddy boots or crawl around in the dirt"

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I can’t say that a shag-proof phone is top of my agenda when looking for a new handset but then it’s not designed for me as Samsung Mobile vice president for the UK and Ireland Mark Mitchinson described in the title. To be fair, it would apply to me if I were paintballing/at a music festival but I’ve promised never to do either again; too much blood and brain tissue lost.

The Samsung B2700 has got the specs of a reasonable to good handset with a 2-megapixel camera, 3G connectivity, an FM radio and MP3 player but it’s the bonus features and layers of rubber and shock-proof urethane that give it the edge – that and the built-in torch, compass, pedometer and altimeter.

You can drop it, shake it, splash it with water, cover it in dirt, sand, dust and run it over with a car and still make calls home to your mum. Personally, I was looking for some kind of water proof up to 20 atmospheres figures but apparently not. Maybe I’m just hard to please.

The truly impressive part of the handset is the 350-hour standby battery life which would take you up to 14 days without needing a charge, assuming you don’t actually use it, that is. Still, a good stat though, and we all like a good stat.

It’ll be available on 3 from next month. Prepare yourself for a deluge of ads for it on TalkSport – the radio station for people who wear muddy boots or crawl around in the dirt I assume.

Samsung B2700 on 3

Daniel Sung
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