.tel launches today

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telnic-devices.gif.tel – the domain name service that I got all excited about back in October, launches to the public today. To briefly recap, it’s a global contact database that stores contact info in the DNS. For a much more detailed explanation, check the earlier post.

Today, the services becomes available to the public. I could buy duncangeere.tel. I could probably wait a while though – because it’s not exactly a common name. If you’re John White, though, I’d get moving. Right now. Here. Go.

.tel (via ShinyShiny)

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Duncan Geere
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  • How does this differ from the WHOIS database connected to every existing domain extension on the planet?

    I’ll pass. I already own 10 domains, I’m not getting suckered into buying any more!

    .mobi almost had me until I came to my senses about what a false marketing ploy that was. When will the madness end?

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