Internet Explorer 8 release candidate now available


ie8-logo.pngInternet Explorer 8’s been in beta for a while now – nearly six months – so it’s nice to see that it’s finally made its way into a release candidate form. If you’re bored of the Windows 7 beta already, then why not give it a spin?

Since we last reported on it, the ‘compatibility mode’ has become automatic – switching whenever the IE8 engine can’t render a page properly, rather than having to be triggered on demand. There’s also built-in clickjacking prevention, and Microsoft has updated the InPrivate (porn) mode and the filtering system.

But the big question is – is it worth changing back to? Well, in all honesty, it’s not doing anything better than any of the other big players right now, merely catching up. There’s nothing necessarily *worse* here than Firefox, except that the library of extensions isn’t as diverse.

Me? I’ll stick with Chrome. Its zippity speed eclipses my need for extensions. When I want to go to Digg, I’ll go to Digg – I don’t need a Digg toolbar. When I need a weather forecast, I’ll visit BBC Weather, rather than using Forecastfox, which is of dubious merit anyway. Chrome for me all the way, baby.

And you lot? Well, 45% of you are on Firefox, 40% on IE, 7% on Safari, 4% on Chrome, 3% on Opera and the remaining 1% on a variety of devices including the PSP. Which browser do you favour, and why? Let us know in the comments.

IE8 RC1 (via ReadWriteWeb)

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Duncan Geere