SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Optoma Pico Projector

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I’ve had this thing for far too long but after a fair bit of faffing around to find the right cables, I finally got a good go on the PK101 Pico projector from Optoma. So, grab yourself a cup of tea, sit back and I’ll tell you all about it…

No official lumens rating before anyone asks – largely because it’s embarrassingly small for a company like Optoma – but, to be fair, I think it would probably belie how good the thing is. The official price is £249 but I’ve seen one here for £234. Enjoy.


Daniel Sung
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  • I had to check around a bit to discover that the Optoma PK101 produces a image at 11lumens.
    That number seems quite small, but the perception of light is logarithmic. To see a image as twice as bright you have to increase it’s lumen brightness 10 times.

    A 75 watt light bulb produces 1170 lumens, so the image made by the PK101 would be roughly a quarter of the brightness.

    • Thanks for that AP. I had a feeling it was around there but I had no idea it was a logarithmical scale. Always good to understand more about these things.

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