Sennheiser CX 300-II in-ear headphones – a "killer upgrade"

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senn-cx-300-II.jpgIf you were about to go out and buy a pair of Sennheiser CX-300s, then STOP! Because Sennheiser has just dropped us an email informing us that there’s an upgrade coming this quarter that’ll significantly improve its mid-range earbuds.

The CX 300-IIs feature a completely new drive unit and capsule that goes much louder, with better bass, clarity and dynamics. The cable’s softer, with improved ‘strain relief’ (sounds painful), and it now comes with a carrying pouch. Basically it’s all-round better.

The headphones cost £40, and come with the aforementioned pouch, 1.2m of soft cable action, and three ear adapter sizes. They’re available in black, white, silver, red (pictured) and pink. Oh, and for a fiver more, you can get a lanyard version, which lets you hang a mobile phone or MP3 player around your neck.

Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision (Black)

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One thought on “Sennheiser CX 300-II in-ear headphones – a "killer upgrade"

  • What about directly going for CX500 which already sells for 39.99-Pounds in the same link (Amazon) that you have given? CX300-II is on sale around quite for a while (may be more than 2 months). CX300 had bootlegs around which made all people uncomfortable for that model (reason of real omission; if any other real technical reason, please tell us Sennheiser, let us know. Let us don’t wallow in ignorance). Real CX300 already sounds very good by the way (I still couldn’t find any good reason to upgrade to an IE8 for my discman since they sound excellent; I have no experience with bootleg one). Of course you need to listen the real material. If all you listen is crappy mp3 files from your funny mp3 player (which almost 99.99999% of people do today; not me after seeing the huge difference between discman sound), than you need to have a sound spectrum analyser in your brain to see the difference and whatever you do won’t be enough (even you connect an IE8 to your crappy mp3 player to listen crappy mp3 files, it will continue to suck. Just compare it by yourself. I don’t take any responsibility for hitting your head to wall for your years of ignorance or throwing your expensive funny mp3 player to wall). Rule of thumb:If your source sucks, resulting sound sucks!
    I wait for a Technology Deathmatch from Daniel between iPod and an already dead life form called Discman. Loser is obvious (since all companies stopped Discman productions; it is already dead) but let people know who are the actual losers.

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