Sony Ericsson W395 – a Walkman phone, remember them?

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The next in Sony Ericsson’s announcements of the day is the W395 Walkman phone proving that they’ll still churn them out no matter how much more irrelevant the old 80s brand gets with every passing breath.

Now, that’s not to say that the W395 is not a decent phone. It’s perfectly fine. It’s just that the promise of an FM radio, “high quality” stereo speakers and a graphic equaliser doesn’t really get anyone hot any more.

To make matters a little worse, they’ve strapped on a 2-megapixel camera with 2.5x zoom to impress us with but, really, that’s the kind of minimum spec shooter that people were looking for last year. That’s going to cause the kind of whistling sound plumbers make when they’re giving you a quote.

There’s a couple of slightly interesting music applications in the form of TrackID and PlayNow which essentially find tracks and download media for you but nothing to really knock your socks off.

It comes with just 10MB of internal memory but you do get a 1GB mem stick included, thank god, but the truly tragic part is that, despite all the downloading they want you to do, there’s not a drop of 3G in sight. Oh dear.

By this point you’ve probably given up on caring about the 2-inch screen, the fact that it measures 96mm x 47mm x 14.9mm and its 96 gram mass.

I may be being a little harsh here. It is supposed to be a low end phone – at least, I hope it is – but will anyone buy this kind of handset in 2009? I don’t know. Do you have a Walkman phone? Does this one float your boat?

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