Cyber-Shot goes up a notch with Sony Ericsson's C903

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sony-ericsson-c903.jpgSo, MWC 2009 is all but upon us and the handsets have started trickling in. It’s all quite exciting, don’t you think? Today, Sony Ericsson has launched three new boys on the block, the most significant of which is the mid-range C903, an upgrade to the C902. See what they did there?

Hardware-wise, there doesn’t seem to be a hello of a lot different. It’s got the same 5-megapixel camera with slider lens cover, the same 2.4-inch QVGA TFT and the same annoying memory expanding SE specific M2 sticks, damn them.

They still offer all the Bluetooth and HSPA connectivity but there is the odd boost in terms of the addition of A-GPS and to be fair the zoom has jumped up from 2.4x to a very healthy 16x.

The internal memory’s gone up from 106MB to 160MB, just in case that counts for anything, but it’s good to see that they’ve managed to shrink the whole package down from 108.0mm x 49.0mm x 10.5 mm and 107 grams to 97mm x 49mm x 16 mm and 96 grams.

They’ve upped all the Cyber-Shot features to give the C903 much more of a proper compact feel with all the usual face detection, smile shutter and rapid shoot modes you’d hope for in a dedicated camera and, actually, it sounds like it might take a decent picture.

If you can manage to get one secured, they’ve also added direct access to Picasa, Flickr and YouTube included as well as the further interesting bonus of a TV-out.

All this and more small print about polyphonic ringtones, FM radios and such can be yours in Q2 either in Lacquer Black, Techno White or Glamour Red, which I think is safe to say is black, white and red to you and me.

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