Post-Kangaroo, 4oD gets a Flashy revamp

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4od.jpgThe Competition Commission may have put the kibosh on Kangaroo but that’s not stopping the individual broadcasters pushing ahead with their own TV-on-demand services.

Channel 4 isn’t letting the marsupial off the hook quite that easily, and is set to reuse some of the technology that would have been used in the joint project to beef up its own 4oD (Four on Demand) offering.

Reports suggest that the new CatchUp service won’t completely replace 4oD, the standalone Windows software that allegedly gives access to a huge archive of Channel 4 programming. Instead, the Flash service will be better integrated with the broadcaster’s web site, offering a 30-day archive of shows and viewable on any Flash-friendly operating system. Macs: yes. iPhone: no.

It’s expected to launch next month.

(Via IT Pro)

Andy Merrett
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