Lights shaped like guns

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Look, don’t ask me what the practical applications of a light shaped like a sniper rifle is. I don’t know. I don’t think there is one, and, no, I don’t think the bazooka, uzi or handgun make it any clearer. The fact is that these things just look good and, most of all, they’re fun.

They’re each made of lacquered metal and come in limited editions of eight which probably make what are already ludicrously expensive take a big jump and off into the realms of the absurd.


Personally, I’d got for the uzi. I would back that up by saying how it would make the best handheld torch, but, then, they all plug into the wall, so I don’t suppose it would be much good unless you were looking for coins under the sofa. A hand grenade might be rather nice on my sideboard or an atom bomb hanging from the ceiling. Have I missed out any weaponry gems here?



Twenty First (via Oh Gizmo!)

Daniel Sung
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