Kindle was such a… success… Amazon is pushing ahead with Kindle 2

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amazon-kindle2.jpgIt was, as everything always is, leaked on the internet a couple of weeks ago, now Amazon’s finally detailed the specs of Kindle 2 – ideal if you’re just starting to get in on the hot new book-reading scene.

Kindle 2 will feature a 25% longer battery life, according to Amazon, will turn the pages 20% quicker if you’re an amazingly impatient person for whom TIME is MONEY and you can’t waste TIME waiting for PAGES to BLOODY TURN, will be thinner and lighter, feature a higher-res screen with 16 rather than four shades of grey for sharper text displaying, plus the internal memory has been boosted to a ludicrous 2GB.

2GB is enough room to store 1500 books – ideal if you’ve got a long flight coming up. Like, if you’re manning the first mission to Mars.

(Via BGR)

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