Husband tells wife about divorce via change in Facebook relationship status

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facebook-divorce.jpgThat happy couple over on the right are Emma & Neil Brady. They’ve been married for six years, but just before Christmas, after accusing her of liasing with another man, Neil threw Emma out of the house, injuring her wrist. He was brought to court for assault, and pleaded guilty. During the case, though, an interesting detail emerged.

Neil had announced his divorce to his wife via a change in his relationship status – “Neil Brady has ended his marriage to Emma Brady”. His wife only found out when her best friend, who lives in Denmark, saw it, complete with a comment from a girl in Canada which read “You are better off out of it”. Nice. Still, at least she didn’t kill him over it.

(via the Next Web)

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  • I half wonder whether this idiot was actually only adding stuff to his facebook account to make himself sound more interesting, and now is too much of a smuck to admit it.

    I mean come on, what kind of single brain celled moron tells the world via facebook that you have left your wife, before you actually have and before you’ve even told anybody close to you that you plan to.

  • Brady thia was not the right way of annoucing your divorce. through the facebook!m that sound so terrifying cause you in the first you to her to propose, so why didnt you let her know if you were no longer interested in her in a polite way.

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