Friendly hackers break into Kaspersky's US web site


kaspersky-logo.gifUnfortunately it’s a fairly common occurrence for web sites to be hacked into these days, but there’s an additional sense of embarrassment when that web site belongs to a security software vendor.

Kaspersky, makers of anti-virus software, has had its US web site compromised by a group of “friendly” hackers. Friendly in the sense that they found the vulnerability that allowed them to gain access to a large amount of personal customer data, but then told the company about it instead of using it their ill-gotten gains.

“Kaspersky[‘s] team doesn’t need to worry about us spreading their confidential stuff,” said the hackers. “we just point our fingers to big websites with security problems.”

Kaspersky’s UK web site was unaffected according to the company. Having a vulnerable web site isn’t great, but at least it was compromised by someone with a conscience.

(Via IT Pro)

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