Abeltech DPA-702 wireless security system – the MI6 of photoframes


Whether you want to use it as a baby monitor, for home security or just to spy on your housemates, the Abeltech DPA-702 wireless surveillance system looks like a lot of fun or at least a good way to make digital photoframes a hell of a lot more interesting.

The camera itself is not the highest of quality shooting 15fps at 480 x 240 or 24fps at 320 x 240 but then it’s probably best not to clog the 2.4GHz wireless transmitter with too much detail and rather have something that runs smooth.

You can watch all that’s captured on 7″ widescreen TFT LCD in glorious 16:9 as well as play a WMA files and listen to MP3s through the internal speaker. It takes just about any kind of memory card you can through at it, it’s USB compatible and it’ll work up to a range of 100m – enough for any home unless you happen to be the Queen.

No word on price and availability and don’t even get me started on shipping from Taiwan.


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Daniel Sung
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  • Wireless systems are effective ways to make us feel secure.Home security systems are created to help us alleviate from worries.

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