Create EPIC panoramic photographs with the GigaPan EPIC digital camera image stitching robot thing


gigapan-epic-photo-landscape-panarama-maker.jpgYou know those photo-stitching options you get on digital cameras and phones? You know how they’re rubbish and they never work? So you never use them? Because they’re rubbish? And they never work?

Well this one does. The GigaPan EPIC works because it removes the human being and it’s wobbly handy and blurry vision from the equation, automatically taking then building panoramic photos with megapixel counts that can hit the thousands.

You plop your digital camera in the holder and DigiPan’s PRECISE MOTORISED HAND rotates, snaps and builds you a perfectly aligned panoramic shot. You then put the vast image file on the internet and everyone says you’re a genius, at least for the few minutes before your webhost deletes your account for transferring 20TB of data a second because you got on the front page of Digg.

There’s a list of which cameras the GigaPan EPIC works with on the maker’s site – and it’s only $379.

(Via OhGizmo)

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