The nPower PEG personal energy generator – free electricity and personal workout

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npower-peg-generator.jpgIt’s a bit like a bicycle pump that makes electricity.

Or, if you’ve ever busted your hand and wrist using one, the nPower PEG is more like the battery-less torches that charge themselves up via kinetic energy – kinetic energy you provide by shaking the thing up and down, relying on a weight inside the unit to generate power through friction.

The PEG outputs enough electric juice to charge-up 90% of portable devices, including iPhones and most Nokias, although there’s no battery in the PEG – so if your phone takes an hour to charge, you’ll have to have the PEG jiggling about for an hour.

I can’t possibly imagine any sort of activity that would involve jiggling about for an hour.

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Gary Cutlack
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  • To me this sounds like great idea. Seems to be quite big but for great for hikers going out there for week or longer.

  • Shaking something for an hour for a GSM power? What is wrong with these R&D guys? Or are they releasing preliminary green products that are preparing us for a fart powered charger future? Totally nonsense.

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