Super-thin Sony Bravia ZX1 ready for sale – Bravia EX1 & 200Hz Z4500 on shelf too

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Sony-Bravia-ZX1.jpgNow that I’ve booked my flights, hotel, planned my shopping and rid myself of the anger of the £3,489 Sony XEL-1 OLED from this morning, I can tell you about their other Bravia TVs that’ll be hitting the EU shortly.

Sony Bravia ZX1

First up is the super thin 9.9mm LCD Bravia ZX1 we saw at IFA in August last year. It’s the one pictured above.

As promised it’s a 40″ panel with a frame rate of 100Hz and Sony’s image blur reduction technology to make for a smoother picture. But that’s the kind of stuff you’d expect from a modern LCD.

The special part of the ZX1 is that it’s the world’s thinnest LCD and that’s all down to lighting the panel with LEDs at the side rather than at the back which actually doesn’t sound like it’ll make for a very good picture to me but I’ll take their word for it until I hear otherwise.

Naturally, it’s fully HD, with four HDMI ports and wireless connectivity between the screen and the media box so that you can hide the lumpy part in the cupboard and leave no trail to its concealed existence. All that can be yours for £2,929.

Sony Bravia Z4500

My personal pick would be the Sony Bravia Z4500, namely because it’s not all about the look. It’s a performance panel. Sony’s added some kind of nonsense about passing it off as the fastest screen in the world but when you read their release a second time, it’s actually the fastest Motionflow TV in the world, i.e: the fastest Sony.

However, fast it is, with its 200Hz technology – high enough a refresh rate to sure that you don’t get any blurring at all, even in the fastest of action scenes. It’s got a dynamic contrast ratio of 80,000:1, you can get it in 40″/46″/52″ screen sizes with 3 HDMI ports, 2 SCARTS and it’ll cost you an unsurprisingly pricey £1,849.00.

Sony Bravia EX1

Now, the EX1 is a bit of a mystery. It costs £2,288.99 but it sounds a bit dull to me. There was also no picture included in the release, so it can’t be that much to shout about either. There was this attached though and perhaps this is what it looks like:


Now, it may just look like a green square but this 40″, 46″ or 52″ panel is fully HD and wireless, presumably in the same way as the ZX1, but the big shakes about it are that it looks like a picture frame – a very green one, presumably.

So, essentially, it’s a TV for people that don’t like TVs. I’m not sure those people deserve a TV if they’re trying to hide the beauty of such a classic gadget and certainly not when it’s a 1080p one with a 100Hz refresh rate and three HDMI ports.

More about the EX1 when Sony writes to me concerned that the image above might be misleading.


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