Sony XEL-1 OLED TV available in UK but cheaper to fly to America to get it


So after about a year or waiting, teasing and generally proving that theirs is the best, the Sony XEL-1 razor thin 11″ piece of OLED TV loveliness has finally hit the shops here in the UK.

The 3mm thick panel can be yours for just £3,489. One, two, three, hurray! Thanks Sony. Thanks for charging us in Europe well over the odds for something you can pick up in the States for $2,499 (£1754).

In fact, it would be cheaper to fly to New York City (£632) stay three nights in a 440sq ft Superior Room of the five star Trump Tower (£1,079) and still have change to get taxis to and from the airport and one the short distance to your nearest Best Buy where you can pick up the OLED. Oh, and these prices are quoted for two people.

So, if you’re considering getting one, then I recommend the Dan Sung holiday package from Tech Digest – much more fun and without the feeling that you’re getting utterly ripped off. Let’s just ignore the PAL/NTSC issue for now.

(via Engadget)

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