SHINY PREVIEW: the wonderfully waterproof Sanyo Xacti VPC-WH1 camcorder

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Take one bucket of water, one Xacti VPC-WH1 camcorder, one blogger and you’ve got yourself a preview of just how well Sanyo’s waterproof video recorder works when submerged.

A few other bits and pieces to add to my earlier post on the Sanyo range:

– Reverse Sequential Shots allows you to take up to 6 shots/second of any action which will actually begin with the first shot at 1.5 seconds before you even pressed the shutter release. I’m not sure as yet whether you need to have been recording in camcorder mode or not but it does mean that you can capture those impossible events to time. Photographing lightening springs to mind.

– The HD2000 will actually zoom up to 16x using Sanyo’s “advanced zoom”. Now, that may mean that it’s not 16x full optical but it does give you plenty to play with.

– The lens goes from an effective 44mm – 710mm. That’s plenty of telephoto but I’m pretty underwhelmed with how wide that goes. You’ll still have to stand a fair way back from your subject to fit it all in.

– The two waterproof models will take 9-megapixel stills and feature focus lock, or “face chaser” as they like to call it, plus anti-shake which you’re going to need for that 30x zoom on the VPC-WH1.

Pricing & Availabilty

– The HD2000 will be available for £549.99 from 6th February in black and gold, the FH11 for the same from the 24th but just in black.

– You can pick up the DMX-CA9 for £349.99 in black, red and green from 13th March and the DMX-WH1 for £379.99 from 19th in white and yellow.

– The compact DMX-CG10 is out on the 20th February for £229.99 and you’ll get the very gender covering choice of blue, pink or black.

Sanyo Xacti

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