RUMOUR: Olympus to launch two Micro Four Thirds cameras in March


Remember this? Well, it seems that the Olympus concept Micro Four Thirds camera wasn’t just a concept. Word is on the intertubes that it’s called the Olympus M-100 and it’s going to be launched in Las Vegas in March along with a second model known as the M-1.

No picture on the M-1 as yet but we’ve got specs on them both just around the corner over here…

The M-1 packs a fairly generous 3.2-inch LCD and comes with a 12-45mm ƒ2.4-3.5 lens but, most interestingly of all, shoots full HD video. It’ll feel very strange recording 1080p if looks anything like as old school as the M-100.

As for the model pictured itself, that comes with a longer 14-70mm ƒ3.5-5.6 lens but no word on the display or anything else just yet.

The good news is that Olympus has an additional lens to bring out with them which, after all, is why we got excited about this mini-DSLR format in the first place. It’s a nice weighty 550g 45-150mm ƒ2.8-4 piece of glassware, well, we think. Look, it is only a rumour.

(via Wired)

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