More Zunes on the way in 2009

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zune-logo.jpgDespite its poor retail performance over Christmas, Microsoft remains firmly committed to its Zune MP3 player, and a good thing too. It’s one of the few players in the market that has relentlessly innovated, and still packs features that are lacking on others, like wireless syncing and device-to-device song sharing.

Well, the pace continues. Marketing Director for Zune, Adam Sohn, has revealed to Cnet that “there will be new Zunes before the 2009 holiday season” and they’ll be a “surprising step up” from what’s currently available. That almost certainly means a touchscreen, but that isn’t ‘surprising’ so I wonder what he could mean…

Whatever happens, it’s unlikely to displace the iPod, but given Microsoft’s track record of new features, I can’t wait to see what they’ve got to offer.

Zune (via Cnet)

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  • jeez stop with the zune propaganda lol! we get the picture that you hate ipod’s with a passion!

    • I don’t especially hate iPods – my girlfriend has one and I recommended that both her and my mum get an iPhones – but they’re not for everyone. I like the Zune a lot as an alternative.

  • The Zune has so many things going for it and yet people see that Microsoft connection and run a mile. I love that even the first zune gets all the updates and features that the newer zunes get the only thing that is really getting to me is when the hell are Microsoft going to let people in the UK in on the goodness?

    I had to get my zune whilst last in America and am fed up of not getting the whole marketplace experience the Americans get. There is a whole new revenue stream especially for all the people in the UK that don’t want to another apple clone.

    Does any one have any bonefide credible information as to a Zune UK appearence?

    • Damn straight. There’s plenty of us around who don’t want iPods, and the Zune is a fantastic alternative. Good on you, Rob.

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