CES 2009: Sure Shot Rifle for the Wii – three guns in one

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You can get a Wii controller for just about anything now, from maracas to kitchen utensils, but it’s good to see somone sticking to the basics – in this case, a gun. The Sure Shot Rifle from CTA is only available on Amazon at the moment but Zara and I had a look at one at CES 2009.

The idea of using gun controllers in games is nothing entirely new but what the Sure Shot does is integrate both the Wiimote and the Nunchuck very neatly into the top of the device which then takse over the functionality with buttons along the side of the gun.

Better still, and probably most gimmickly of all, you can take the barrel off to turn it into a sawn of rifle and then the stock to make it a sawn off shot gun. Sadly it makes sod all difference to the gameplay but it probably feels more appropriate if you’re playing House of the Dead.

$57.99 here

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Daniel Sung
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