Minutuner minimal clock radio design – give me now!

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According to its designers, the Minutuner is “an attempt to change our perception of time”. Frankly, it could be an attempt to change our perception of a packet of doughnuts for all I care about the pretentions of artistic justification.

Let’s be honest about this. It looks damn good. I hate the idea of having a bunch of LEDs breaking the pitch dark of my bedroom slumber but this is one clock radio I’d proudly own. In fact, I’d be tempted to move my bed into the living room just so that more of my guests could see it.

It’s got a beautifully old school scoreboard-type digital display. There’s something incredibly satisfying about the type face and just even the shape of the thing.

I’ve not doubt they’ll sell like wellies at a UK music festival the moment Antrepo Design Industry can find themselves a production partner. So, any budding entrepeneurs out there shouldn’t waste any time.

(via Yanko Design)

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Daniel Sung
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