HDD Clock – what time is it? It's geek o'clock!

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HDD-clock.jpgFor some reason I have it in my head that clocks are rather redundant. I don’t think I own one any more? Do you? I’m not talking about microwaves or stereos or radios and such with clocks in them but dedicated clocks with their only raison d’etre to tell the time.

I haven’t really wanted one for a while but this HDD Clock has changed my mind. Why? Well, because it’s bloody safe, that’s why. Look at it! I could ponce about by talking of the compliment of two such semi-dated pieces of hardware fused to create something new, useful, a rebirth, but that’s just twaddle. It just looks ace and that’s the bottom line. Buy one from $31 or better still, buy one for me.

(via Like Cool)

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Daniel Sung
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One thought on “HDD Clock – what time is it? It's geek o'clock!

  • That’s definitely one of the coolest clocks I’ve seen as an oldschool tech fan… hmm, I might have to pick one up!

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