Virgin Mobile intros 30p-a-day mobile web tariff

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virgin-mobile-casual-web-tariff.jpgVirgin Mobile has decided that its customers deserve cheaper access to the mobile Internet and has introduced a new tariff for moderate daily surfing.

The “Casual User” tariff, available to both contract and pre-pay customers, costs 30p per day and has a 25MB daily limit (we hope that it’s megabytes, though the press release implies megabits).

This, Virgin claims, is up to three times cheaper than most other networks. In an attempt to prove that, a lengthy and boring comparison chart has been published. I’m not going to mess about drawing you a table of figures, because you’re all more than capable of checking out the competition yourself. Suffice it to say, the deal seems pretty average. Heavy mobile Net users would probably be better off with a higher bandwidth or “unlimited with fair use” tariff, but for those just checking Facebook and a few sport and weather pages, it should suffice.

Virgin Mobile’s research suggests that just seven per cent of UK mobile users access the mobile web (I won’t get sidetracked discussing how many people surf for porn from their mobile phone). This tariff is aimed at converting more users to the joys of surfing on the small screen.

To make that a bit easier, Virgin Mobile has also teamed up with Yahoo! to offer the oneSearch mobile search service to its customers.

The new mobile portal will feature exclusive interviews with Leona Lewis, Mark Wahlbery and Kanye West, so if you do sign up for the service you have something to blow your first few days of bandwidth on.

The tariff will be available from 8th December.

Virgin Mobile 30p tariff

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