Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008: 50 to 45

Top 100 Christmas Presents

Onwards and upwards – or downwards, I suppose, depending on how you look at it. We’ve got some rather more traditional gifts today – all of which will be warmly received by anyone that you choose to give them to. Well, perhaps. Not sure if your aunt’s into torque wrenches, but you must know someone who is…

Click the torque wrench below to begin.

100-96 | 95-91 | 90-86 | 85-81 | 80-76 | 75-71 | 70-66 | 65-61 | 60-55 | 54-51

Duncan Geere
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  • Try buying this on the High Street.

    I told my kids that I wanted this for christmas, but NO ONE stocks it. They won’t order it in either.

    According to Game – they stock different things online than in their shops. Sorry Game, but bookshops don’t stock every book, but they DO order specialist ones when you want them.


    • Sorry to hear that, Jack. Hopefully the company’s PR reps scour the internet for comments like this and will take it on board. Have you tried specialist music retailers? You might have more luck there. In the meantime, would you consider ordering it online?

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