Top 100 Christmas Presents 2008: 60 to 56

Top 100 Christmas Presents

After yesterday’s segment of ‘useful’ gadgets, today we’ve got a whole lot of silly going on. From Piano Hands (a bit like Jazz hands, but more refined) to a telescopic iPhone zoom lens. One special mention for the cat-flap though, it’s not silly at all, and is a perfect pressie for any cat lovers you know.

Click the Etre Touchy Gadget Gloves below to begin today’s party of five.

100-96 | 95-91 | 90-86 | 85-81 | 80-76 | 75-71 | 70-66 | 65-61

Duncan Geere
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  • Thanks for including us in the list. I should point out however, that you can’t “just cut the fingers off a pair of regular gloves”. If you try that (as we did during our research and development phase), you’ll find that they fray badly. So badly in fact, that you’ll only be able to wear them once or twice before they fall apart. (Hemming doesn’t help much either – it only tends to extend their lifespan by a couple of days).

    Our gloves have been designed specifically to prevent such deterioration. In fact, we even employed the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company during their development to ensure they meet relevant industry standards concerning quality and durability.

    • Gosh. I had no idea your R&D was so rigorous. Consider that statement formally retracted, then!

  • Balls! It’s a bargain, a bargain I tell you! 5/5

    It turns you into some kind of iPhone pirate and makes it worth taking pictures with! $18.99? Bargain!

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