Textecution – an extremely clever mobile app that stops you texting while you're driving

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textecution-app-gps-speed-driving-ban.jpgSo, go on then, guess how a mobile phone app can tell if you’re driving or not? Speed of texting? Pauses while texting? More errors than usual? Drastic directional adjustments detected by the iPhone’s accelerometer as you hastily steer away from the bus stop, off the pavement and back onto the road?

Nope – Texecution uses GPS to locate the position of your phone, and therefore you, deactivating the phone’s SMS features when you seem to be moving at more than 10mph.

There is, of course, an override function for when you’re a passenger, on buses and trains, or running really fast to catch a bus or train and trying to text the driver to alert him to your presence, with users able to request authorisation from the phone administrator (er, probably you) to send a text while in motion.

So it’s a bit pointless, really, and messing about with authorisation and overrides while driving will actually make sending a sneaky text harder and therefore more likely to cause a pile-up and series of fatalities. But its heart is in the right place. Buy it here for $9.99, should you (a) live in America and (b) own a T-Mobile G1.

(Via Techcrunch)

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