T-Mobile G1 unlocked already, market traders rub hands with glee

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Poor T-Mobile. The G1, the fabled phone running Google’s Android operating system, is released over here today, and the news has just broken that the phone has already been unlocked, meaning users will be able to have a G1 on other network operators too.

Apparently, unlocking the phone is really easy. All you need is your phone’s IMEI number, which you can view just by typing *#06# on the phone, and then you have to do the most difficult part: ponying up $22.99 for the successful unlockers at unlock-tmobileg1.com to presumably apply an algorithm to your IMEI and generate an “unlock code”. Stick this in your phone and you’ll get an on-screen message telling you that the phone has been successfully unlocked… and that’s it.

The unlocking is not perfect yet – calls and texts work automatically, but the Gmail login, needed for features on the phone like e-mails (obviously) and the Android marketplace (like the iPhone app store) doesn’t work by default – though they reckon this can be remedied by fiddling with the settings a bit.

T-Mobile would have been asked for comment, but I couldn’t get a signal on my T-Mobile mobile phone due to their horrendous coverage.

(via Android Community)

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  • I have a question.. I just got this phone unlocked for at&t.. It hasn’t arrived yet but I was just wondering if even though I have AT&T and all my contacts are on my SIM card, will I still need to put all contacts into a Gmail account and sync the phone with my account?

  • Why do handset manufacturers insist on aligning themselves with a particular network provider? They’re just shooting themselves in the foot when business customers that would happily fit all their sales team out with a G1 or iPhone are prevented from doing so because they’ve got a company wide policy of using Orange, or Vodafone.

    It’s like buying a new Ford only to be told that you HAVE to use BP fuel. Morons.

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