PureSolo is Karaoke 2.0, and great for learning instruments, too

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puresolo-logo.jpgPureSolo is a new application designed for people to sing, or play, along with backing tracks. It’s great for drunken Karaoke after lunch on Christmas day, but it’s also good for any aspiring musicians – classical or rock & pop – to play along as if they were in a real band.

Each song offered by the service is missing a particular track, be that vocals, guitar, or even oboe or alto sax. When you join you get one free download, but beyond that, each track costs £1 to £2. You can record your efforts with a microphone, and use headphones, too.

In honour of the fact that the sun’s very far away at this time of year, PureSolo has added a bunch of carols and more contemporary Christmas songs. Including my absolute favourite – Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You”. I’ll be recording a version of that after too much eggnog, I suspect.

There are a few bugs in the software, and it’s all a little bit clunky, but to be fair on the company, it is still in beta, and everything crucial seems to work fine. If you’re a fan of making a racket, with whatever instrument, then PureSolo is well worth checking out this holiday season.


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Duncan Geere
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