Virus alert! Asus Eee Box ships in Japan with malware

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asus-eee-box.jpgAsus, suddenly faced with an extremely popular product, has been slapping the Eee badge on everything it possibly can. Earlier this year, it announced the Eee Box, a small, low-cost desktop PC. The company has just admitted, however, that the version of the product shipping in Japan contains a virus.

The virus, “recycled.exe”, resides on the D drive of the machine, and once opened, it copies itself to C, as well as any other removable or USB drives. No word on whether it does anything more sinister than copying itself around. No word, either, on how it got there in the first place, or whether models shipping in the rest of the world are affected.

If you’ve just bought one, then keep an eye out, and delete anything suspicious. If you haven’t, then the low-spec machine comes with Windows XP Home, an Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive. It costs just £199 and is available now.

Eee Box (via PC Advisor)

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