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tokoni-logo.jpgA husband and wife team of former executives at Skype and eBay have banded together to create Tokoni – a site which lets you tell your story in the form of notes, photos and video. Tokoni has been in beta for a year, but launches today. It differs from a blog network because it’s more community-focused. Co-founder Alex Kazim explains:

“We created Tokoni to fill the distinct need for an online community where individual stories of life’s experiences have a voice and are valued, and where the collective wisdom of the community is celebrated.”

“The growth of social media has enabled people to control how they create, consume, and share content and personal experiences online; however, participation in the social Web is still daunting to the mainstream. Tokoni makes sharing your own story easy.”

Their aim, therefore, seems to be “social media for luddites”. I’ll happily admit that it’s not a website I’d ever use, but I’m not exactly their target market. I can see my parents, on the other hand, going for this, and using it to share stuff in their lives.

Whether it hits home or not will depend on the interface and whether they can get a critical mass of users to spread the word. It’s a social network, but not as you know it.

Tokoni (via VentureBeat)

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Duncan Geere
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